How to add a ticket

First things first! Sign into your Office Lottery Pools account. To add a ticket, you have to be a member of a club by either creating a club or joining a club. At your User's Dashboard choose a club and click on the Enter Club button.

Now you have entered the club and viewing the club dashboard. Look for a lottery pool that matches your ticket, like Powerball. To add your ticket use the shortcut link by clicking on the  Add ticket to ... draw button.

The image below is the add ticket screen. It could look different depending on the device you are using. You can add up to five entries per ticket by clicking on the numbers. If you make a mistake, click on the number again to remove it. There must be at least one valid entry to submit the ticket. Regular numbers are on the top of each line. If there is a special number like Powerball, it will be located at the bottom. Once you have added all the numbers, click Enter Ticket at the bottom.

Good job! You are done! The system is notifying all members that the pool is active for this drawing. It is a good idea to verify the numbers on your ticket going down instead of across. If there is a mistake, you can edit the ticket by clicking on the Pencil Icon to enter the ticket editor. You can only change the numbers before the drawing.

You can add another ticket, before the pool closes, by clicking on the Add Ticket button in the top right of the ticket screen.

Check your email. You will receive a notification that the pool is active. Good Luck!

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