Getting Started with Office Lottery Pools

Get started with Office Lottery Pools

Sign into your new Office Lottery Pools account and click Create a new club button.

Enter a club name and select a lottery. You can add more lotteries to your club later. That way you don't have to create another club just to play another lottery.

Read and agree to the temporary agreement. This is not an agreement between you and Office Lottery Pools. This is an agreement between all the members of your club indicating all members plan to share any jackpot proceeds with all pool participants. The system requires all members to read and agree to before entering a ticket. This is only a sample agreement and may not be valid in your jurisdiction. It might be better than nothing at all. We advise you to create your own. We can upload it for you.

Now you are in your new club's dashboard. The club has one lottery pool.The club dashboard provides access to club members, the club agreement, and club settings. You can enter the pool or add a ticket directly into the next lottery drawing.  It is time to invite some trustworthy friends, co-workers, and family by clicking Invite friends.

Here is a sample invitation email that you can edit and send to your friends. Make sure your changes do not change the club key. This key is how your friends are able to connect to your club after they register with Office Lottery Pools. Click the Copy Message button a the bottom to copy the text to your computer buffer. Go to your favorite email and paste the contents, edit if desired, add your friends' emails addresses and send. Keep your key private between friends. We can change if needed.

You will be notified as your friends join your club.

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