How to play an Office Lottery Pools Promotional Ticket

Aren't you the lucky one? 

How to play a free Promotional Ticket

  1. Register or Sign into your Office Lottery Pools as normal.
  2. Carefully enter the Promotional Ticket as a normal lottery ticket and the system will recognize it.
  3. Once the ticket is entered, verify the ticket coloring is gold and it says 'Shared Promotional Ticket' at the bottom as illustrated below. If it does not please verify the numbers, date, and lottery. Edit the ticket until they system recognizes the ticket as a Promotional Ticket.

Official Promotional Ticket Rules

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Your profile, first and last name, must match official government identification.
  3. Promotional tickets must be entered into an open Office Lottery Pools pool matching the lottery to be valid.
  4. The system must recognize the Promotional Ticket with the special label at the bottom of the ticket as shown above.
  5. Promotional tickets can only be played once per member regardless if the system accepts it more than once.
  6. All participants are responsible for adhering to their local State and Federal laws, or the laws according to their respective country.
  7. All monetary references displayed on Office Lottery Pools are only estimations and typically refer to gross proceeds before government taxes and proceed distribution costs are deducted.
  8. Office Lottery Pools will retain all proceeds below top jackpot.
  9. Promotional Tickets are fractional tickets that can receive up to 1/20th of the full jackpot minus all required deductions.

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